Linda is a Story County Native

I was born and raised in Story County.  My parents rented a farm for the first dozen years of their marriage, but they dreamed of owning their own farm.  When I was 10, they had the opportunity and borrowed money to buy a small farm near Gilbert.


It was challenging to pay off a mortgage and support a family on 80 acres - even good Story County farmland. So they worked in town and helped my uncle farm their land on days off. 

My husband Jim Noland and I are grateful for the opportunity to live on the farm they struggled so hard to keep. My cousin Pat farms the land, as had his father.

Thanks to Gilbert schools, I received a good public education.  Lower college costs back then, scholarships, and my mother’s hard work, allowed me to get a bachelor’s degree at Iowa State if I could do it in three years, and I did.

An opportunity to volunteer with Youth and Shelter Services led me to my life’s work:  helping offenders change their behavior and their


Farmall with prairie.jpg



lives, while holding them accountable and keeping victims safe. I worked for the Department of Correctional Services for 37 years.

My mother's unfailing support gave me the resources I needed to succeed, and Story County provided me with a wealth of opportunities. I want everyone in Story County to have a chance at success, and as your Story County Supervisor we will create opportunities together.


Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Story County Supervisor since 2019.

I am running for re-election in 2022 and would be grateful for your support.